About Me

My mom and dad bought me a Little Tikes hoop when I was a baby, and I have been obsessed with basketball ever since. Whether it’s been playing the sport, watching it, or writing about it, basketball has been a constant in my life. I am a graduate of Ohio University, and I am currently a freelance writer with cleveland.com I am also a contributor with the USA TODAY Sports Media Group, where I write for Sixers Wire among other NBA wire sites.

The game of basketball has always been my passion, and I want to be involved with it in any way I can. I covered Ohio’s women’s basketball team for The Post for two years, and I also covered the football team during the same timeframe. In addition, while writing for The Post and other outlets, I maintained a 3.89 GPA.

During the summer of 2018, I was an intern at The Toledo Blade, where I was able to write a bevy of different stories. One of my favorite stories was about DeAndre Ware, a professional boxer from Toledo who is also a full-time firefighter. I also enjoyed writing about Nick and Nate Holley, twin brothers who were working to make the Los Angeles Rams during summer 2018.

While my passion is basketball, I also love writing poetry. I love playing around with words and putting my feelings onto the page.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my content. Welcome to my website!



  1. I’m proud of you Cameron. Also, very happy to have talked with you today at the St. ED’s vs. Rhodes game!

    Mr. Stevens


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