Field Hockey: Ohio falls to Ohio State in close match

The Bobcats came to Buckeye Varsity Field in Columbus, looking to utilize their quick speed and defense against a Buckeye team that was on a three-game winning streak.

But the Buckeyes rolled past the Bobcats, beating them in a close match Sunday, 3-2.  It was the Bobcats’ third road loss of the season.

Ohio (3-4) was able to compete with Ohio State (4-2) in the first period, as senior Clarissa Leickly scored the game’s first goal. It was Leickly’s third goal of the season, and the fourth of her career.

The Bobcats’ good fortune did not last long, however, as the Buckeyes tied the game during the first period’s 23rd minute.  The Bobcats would go on to score again later in the first period from the help of Maria Russell — her fifth of the season.

As the team flourished on the offensive end, shooting 11 shots total, coach Neil Macmillan said Ohio’s execution off corners was solid.

“Both our goals came off corners, so I thought we did a good job of execution off of that,” Macmillan said.

As the Bobcats headed into the second period up 2-1, their execution on offense started to fall flat. But it wasn’t because of their lack of production.

Ohio did not have enough players to continue to compete at a high level in the second half, as Leickly was handed a yellow card early on. Along with Leickly, Elena Curley and Emma Eggleston were given yellow cards as well.

“We didn’t have the numbers on the field, especially early on in the second half to continue the way we played in the first half,” Macmillan said. “We were down a player for pretty much the whole second half because of cards.”

Macmillan also said the team was not able to generate much midfield play, as the team lacked players due to yellow cards.

“The defense played well, and we had to play people in different positions as well because when you lose a player, you have to reorganize a little bit,” Macmillan said.  “In the end, it just wasn’t enough.”

As the Bobcats inch closer to Mid-American Conference play, they will head to Muncie, Indiana on Saturday to play their first conference game against the Ball State Cardinals (1-7).

“Against Ohio State, we were the better team in the first half, as we had 10 shots to four,” Macmillan said. “We are a better team than that, but we have to keep players on the field.”


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