Field Hockey: Miami’s strong defense proves to be too much in Ohio’s 3-0 loss

Field Hockey

Field Hockey

Ohio’s Hannah Kinsbury battles for the ball against Longwood’s Meghan O’Connor at Pruitt Field on October 18, 2015. Ohio lost to Miami this weekend 3-0.

The jubilant atmosphere of senior day hovered over Pruitt Field as Ohio prepared to play its last game of the regular season against Miami.

Seniors Clarissa Leickly and Adele Sammons were honored, receiving flowers and being escorted by their families.

If the senior day atmosphere wasn’t enough, some fans also expressed their Halloween spirit. One fan dressed up as Mario from the popular video-game franchise.

But the atmosphere wasn’t enough. The Bobcats (8-9, 3-3 Mid-American Conference) couldn’t muster enough offensive production against the physical Redhawks (11-7, 5-1 MAC), losing 3-0.

The Redhawks’ physicality was a factor in the win, as their constant nudging and pressure inhibited the Bobcats from getting an offensive rhythm.  The Bobcats would only shoot 10 shots for the game compared to the RedHawks’ 17.

“I thought they did a good job of defending us,” coach Neil Macmillan said. “They did well getting numbers behind the ball, so we weren’t able to combine and pass the ball together.”

Although Miami’s pressure was too much for Ohio, the Bobcats’ hard work on both ends, diving for balls and doing anything to try and string together some momentum, showed.

“I think the team today we played against were very physical, too, so I think we had to try and match that,” Sammons said.

Sammons said although the Bobcats were physical, Ohio was only physical for parts of the game — losing to Miami for the second consecutive year.

As the regular season comes to a close, the Bobcats will wait to see if they make it into the MAC tournament. Ohio has never missed the MAC tournament under Macmillan.

Ohio is currently in a three-way tie with Missouri State (6-11, 3-3 MAC) and Longwood (7-10-1, 3-3 MAC) for the third and fourth seeds. Only four teams make the bracket.

“We need to stick with the idea that we need to pass the ball around,” Macmillan said. “We need to see the other side of it and work hard off ball to give ourselves the opportunity to pass it around.”



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