Football: Defensive backs prepare to be a energetic and relentless unit



Ohio’s defensive backs have to be energetic on and off the field. If they aren’t, they’re sent out of the meeting room until they are.

Langston Provitt said cornerbacks coach Anthony Perkins wants the cornerbacks to be the foundation of the Bobcats’ defense in 2016. And that ‘foundation’ starts with high energy.

“Coach Perkins, first thing he addressed was at the cornerback position he wants us to come in with a relentless spark and energy,” Provitt, who recorded nine tackles and an interception last season, said.

As a whole, Ohio intercepted 12 passes in 2015. The secondary is poised to continue its success next season despite a relatively young core.

That success Ohio is hoping to achieve also starts at the top with its second-year coach.

Perkins was hired by Ohio before the 2015 season and helped the Bobcats to the fourth-ranked pass defense in the Mid-American Conference and the Raycom Media Camelia Bowl.

“Whether it’s five in the morning, six in the morning or 2 p.m., (Perkins) is like, as soon as you walk in, ‘Do you have the energy?’ ” Provitt said.

This relentless mentality isn’t simply talk, either. The defensive backs have shown energy during the spring football season, displaying much animation when breaking up a play or picking off a pass in practice.

“Anytime we get an interception, that’s a big time play,” Perkins said. “It’s a big time play for the defense, and we’re getting the ball back for the offense to score points.”

“When we do our job, we’re excited about it,” Perkins added.

The Bobcats’ 2016 secondary are like a band of Energizer bunnies — they’re ready to perform at any moment.

“We all have high energy, we’re all very young,” Jalen Fox said. “Everybody is going to come test us, and I think we’re ready for the challenge.”


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