Football: Ohio’s defense maintains solid play against offense in seventh day of practice


Spring football continued Tuesday morning for the Bobcats in Walter Fieldhouse. Here are a new notes from practice:

Cornerback Langston Provitt and quarterback Joey Duckworth did not practice because of unknown injuries.

  • After doing position drills, Ohio went right into 11-on-11 drills. It was the first time the Bobcats started with doing 11-on-11s. The players looked as if they had pent up energy to release during the early situational drill.
  • Every drill in practice was sharp, and it was one of the sharpest days the team has had. In particular, the quarterbacks connected well with the wide receivers in drills.
  • Greg Windham continues to throw the ball with good velocity, and the ball came out very fast from his hand. His throws were especially tight and accurate over the middle. Windham also has been getting first team reps in practice.
  • In the middle of the practice, the team did a 7-on-7 drill. On the first play of the drill, Conner Krizancic threw a pick to a suspecting Chad Moore.
  • The defense made similar plays throughout the practice, such as breaking up passes and not letting a receiver shake it on a route.
  • Quarterbacks threw slants and curls primarily to receivers, but used the deep ball when they could catch a defensive back slacking or when a receiver could juke his cornerback.
  • Defensive linemen used volleyballs to help improve on swatting passes when coming off blocks and swatting field goal kicks.
  • In a team drill, a defensive lineman swatted a ball Windham threw shortly after the group worked on the swatting drill.
  • The offense and defensive line worked on picking up blitzes, and the wide receivers worked with defensive backs on shaking the defense.
  • The receivers have had a difficult time breaking away from the defensive backs, especially on deep routes.


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