Former St. Ursula golfers looking forward to competing in Marathon Classic qualifier

The Blade/ Amy E. Voigt Sylvania, OH
CAPTION: St. Ursula grads Lizzie Win, left, and Pinya Pipatjarasgit, right, at Highland Meadows Golf Club on June 23, 2018.

















Lily Rinker remembers Lizzie Win and Pinya Pipatjarasgit taking pictures of her asleep — mouth open and all — and posting them on Snapchat during car rides to high school golf tournaments.

“They always made fun of me because I could fall asleep anywhere,” Rinker said.

The three former St. Ursula golfers drove to practices together. They traveled around Ohio for tournaments together, stayed in hotels together, and competed in summer tournaments together.

Now, the three former teammates will be competitors in the Marathon Classic qualifier Monday at Sylvania Country Club. The two top qualifiers advance.

Rinker, 18, is a Toledo native, but moved to Jupiter, Florida when she was 3. She transferred to St. Ursula for her sophomore year and played with Win, 19, and Pipatjarasgit for one year. The three also knew each other from Toledo Junior Golf Association events when they were younger.

Though Win and Pipatjarasgit, 17, knew each other longer — both golfers are from Sylvania — they were welcoming to Rinker.

As they traveled to more and more tournaments, their relationship grew. Win said Rinker is the funny one in the group, whereas Pipatjarasgit is the Taylor Swift fan.

During her first year with St. Ursula, part of what put Rinker at ease with Win, Pipatjarasgit, and the rest of the team was how they didn’t have any cliques.

“I just liked how close everyone was,” Rinker said.

Win’s preparing for her junior season at Seton Hall. She has a little bit more experience than her two younger former teammates; she competed in the Marathon Classic’s qualifier during her junior year of high school.

“I think everything will come a little bit more naturally this time,” Win said.

Rinker and Pipatjarasgit will both be incoming college freshmen in the fall. Rinker is attending the University of Cincinnati, and Pipatjarasgit will be at Brown University.

Pipatjarasgit has mainly stuck to junior golf, but she’s also competed in a few amateur tournaments.

“I think the dynamic will be very different, but also a great experience before I go to college and play college golf,” Pipatjarasgit said.

Rinker dreams of competing on the LPGA tour. A self-proclaimed visual learner, she expects the qualifier to be a fantastic learning experience.

“It will help me find the areas that I need to work on,” Rinker said.

Though the three are close, they are competitive. Rinker said their scores were always close at St. Ursula. Still, if the trash talk comes out, Win said it’ll be the funny and friendly kind.

“I think we’re all really excited, just to compete with each other and to play,” Pipatjarasgit said. “We help each other out, too. We’re not just like at each other all the time.”

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