Sylvania Township police investigate 2 break-ins

The Sylvania Township Police Department is investigating two break-ins and burglaries that happened early Tuesday morning in the Brookside neighborhood.

Detective. Sgt. Robert Colwell said the department believes the break-ins occurred between midnight and 4 a.m. No signs indicated forced entry at either location, and police have no suspects so far.

The police are reminding residents to lock their houses.

In both cases, a burglar or burglars stole money after breaking into homes on the 4600 block of Kimball Creek South and the 9100 block of Bowman Farms Lane, according to police reports.

In the Kimball Creek incident, a resident reported $200 missing from a wallet in the morning. Police believe whoever stole the money entered the home through an unlocked door. Also missing from a purse in the home was $30 in cash and a $25 Visa gift card, a police report states.

In the Bowman Farm Lane case, police believe someone entered the residence through an open garage. A resident told police she notice their garage open at 7:30 am., even though her husband reported closing the garage door at 4:30 a.m. that morning.

The victim told police she noticed two purses and a wallet had been moved in the kitchen. Missing from one purse was $50 in cash and $40 was missing from the kitchen table.

Anyone with information should call the Sylvania Township Police Department or Detective Colwell at 419-882-1250.

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