Ben Simmons talks about his growth as a player on ‘The Shop’

A year ago, Ben Simmons thought he had it all figured out.

Simmons, 22, appeared as a guest on the second episode of HBO’s ‘The Shop’ on Friday. Near the beginning of the episode, LeBron James, an executive producer on the show, gave advice to Orlando Magic rookie Mo Bamba on how to balance playing basketball with outside interests.

Then Simmons jumped in when executive producer Maverick Carter asked him how he handled coming into the NBA.

“From where I am now to a year ago, I would have thought I knew so much more a year ago, and now looking back, I really didn’t know anything,” Simmons said. “I’m thinking, I’m like, I know what’s going on, I know how to handle my business, and now like a whole year and a whole season where I’ve played, way more.

The Philadelphia 76ers young star said James told him that he won’t be the player he wants to be that season, particularly when it comes to making 3-pointers. That’s interesting to hear, considering Simmons said during Sixers’ media day that he won’t “come in and hit threes this season.”

Along with mentioning James’ advice, Simmons also said he thought he was doing well when he watched highlights of himself.

“I’m like, ‘why did I do this, like what am I doing?’” Simmons said. “I’m making mistakes like certain things at the time, I’m thinking like it’s not a big thing. But now I look and I’m like, there’s so much growth that I have, that I need to get better at, and it’s just going to take time. It’s not going to happen overnight.”

With ‘The Shop’ embodying authentic, barbershop-style conversation, it’s cool to see Simmons talk about his growth within the past year. As he heads into his second season, it’ll be interesting to see that continued growth and how it helps the Sixers as a whole.

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