What Freddie Kitchens did Wednesday during Day 6 of Cleveland Browns training camp

BEREA, Ohio – With the Cleveland Browns in their sixth day of training camp Wednesday, they had some guests in to watch practice.

The Anthony Wayne High School football team from Whitehouse, Ohio, near Toledo greeted players and coaches as they came out to the field, and some Cavaliers came to watch practice. Cavs forward Larry Nance Jr. and rookies Darius Garland, Dylan Windler and Dean Wade were in attendance.

Coach Freddie Kitchens worked closely with the offense throughout the day. Here are some of the top moments Kitchens had during practice and a look inside how he spent his time.

1. Coaching up wide receivers, running backs and tight ends

Near the beginning of practice, Kitchens worked with the wide receivers, running backs and tight ends in a catching drill.

As the Browns enter this season with group of elite skill players on offense, it’ll be interesting to see how Kitchens splits his time between offense, defense and special teams.

2. Giving instruction to TE Orson Charles

The quarterbacks worked with the tight ends and wide receivers on routes, and during one drill, Kitchens briefly instructed Orson Charles.

In his first season with the Browns during 2018, Charles played in 13 games and started two. He finished last season with three receptions and 23 yards.

3. Talking with the offense and defense during 11 on 11

The Browns did a few rounds of 11 on 11, and during one session Kitchens spoke with his team before the next play began.

With the Browns about a week away before their first preseason game against the Washington Redskins, Kitchens continuing to grow his rapport with the team will be key.

4. Talking with QB Drew Stanton

As the Browns worked in 11 on 11, Kitchens chatted with his quarterbacks about what play would be run. In the video below, Kitchens talks with backup QB Drew Stanton.

5. Signing autographs for fans

After Browns practice ended, Kitchens signed some autographs for fans. Kitchens signed items such as a football and a pennant, and he held a young fan as well for a picture.

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