A Browns fan from the beginning, this D.C. transplant still roots for his hometown team

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Browns fans from around the country and the world have followed their favorite team through the best and worst times.

Fans have seen the Browns win championships, but they have also seen a plethora of losing seasons.

Still, they possess the kind of loyalty that’s arguably the strongest of any NFL fanbase. During the spring, we asked you to share your story of “Why I’m a Browns Fan.” More than 600 sent in submissions. Today, we’ll share another one of your stories as Week 15 of the NFL season rolls around.

The authors of these essays have one thing in common: Passion and enthusiasm for the Browns. By the time we’re through, we plan to tell all your stories.

Today’s fan is John Bloomfield, who lives in suburban Washington, D.C. with his wife of 64 years, Barbara.

Who is he?

John Bloomfield

John Bloomfield lives with his wife, Barbara, in suburban Washington D.C.

Bloomfield, 86, is retired, and he used to work at his former family business, the Bloomfield Dress Company. He also worked at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance in Cleveland before moving to Toledo. Bloomfield stayed with Northwestern Mutual in Toledo, and in 2001 moved to the Washington suburbs.

Bloomfield has been a Browns fan since the team came to the city in 1946. He and his wife have three sons, three daughters-in-laws, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

A fan from the beginning

Before the Browns came to Cleveland, the city’s pro football team was the Rams. The Rams played their last season in Cleveland in 1945, winning the NFL championship 15-14 against the Washington Redskins.

Bloomfield remembers being at the game with his dad and brother in cold weather. His mom said he could only go for half the game because of how cold it was. Once the game was over, Bloomfield said the Rams announced they were moving to Los Angeles.

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