Showtime releases trailer for Kevin Durant’s hoops documentary on PG County

Hoopers around the nation, whether they be professionals or amateurs, want people to know why their local area is the mecca of basketball.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago — all those cities have a reason to be considered the epicenter of the sport.

With his upcoming documentary Basketball County: In the Water, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant aims to show why Maryland’s Prince George’s County, or PG County, is in that discussion. Showtime released the film’s trailer Monday, per its Twitter account. The documentary will air May 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

The film is being produced by Durant’s company Thirty Five Ventures. Durant is an executive producer on it, along with his business partner Rich Kleiman and NBA players Quinn Cook and Victor Oladipo.

PG County is just over 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C. Including Durant, some of the top players from that area consist of Oladipo, Cook, Jeff Green and former NBA player Michael Beasley. Players like Orlando Magic guard Markelle Fultz and New York Liberty wing Marissa Coleman are also from the county.

Durant is starting to cement his spot as a quality hoops documentarian. He recently helped produce “Q Ball,” a film that shows how a group of inmates at San Quentin State Prison play basketball and use the game as an outlet.

With Durant putting his imprints on these important stories, he can continue to make a significant mark on the basketball community.

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