DeRozan names LeBron and Kawhi, among others, for building ultimate player

The most talented players in the NBA can execute most of the same skills at a high level.

But only a few, if any, can do everything on the floor well.

San Antonio Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan hopped on ESPN’s WYD? recently with Ros Gold-Onwude, per Bleacher Report’s Timothy Rapp. 

DeRozan discussed the players he’d take for different elements of hoops in building his ultimate player. He named Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James four times, the most of any player on the list. DeRozan picked James for passing ability, basketball IQ, strength and business savvy.

DeRozan selected Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard for defense, along with Houston Rockets star James Harden for a stepback jumper.

Other skills mentioned in the video included handles, clutchness and speed. DeRozan picked Kyrie Irving for handles, and he chose Damian Lillard for clutchness. He opted to go with John Wall for speed.

All of DeRozan’s selections make sense, especially the ones he chose James for. James showing up multiple times is a testament to his elite all-around game.

Also, Leonard is arguably the best defender in the league, as his quickness, awareness and big hands help him stay in front of the NBA’s best.

DeRozan couldn’t pick himself for any of the categories, but the midrange jumper is the one skill where he’s legitimately one of the league’s elite. According to stats, DeRozan has shot 46.2% from 15-19 feet this season. DeRozan picked Chris Paul for the category. Paul has shot 50.6% from 15-19 feet this season.

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