Browns fan who lives near Nashville relishes the fandom he shares with his father and sons

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Steve Kuhn needed to talk about the Browns after the terrible loss he had witnessed.

Kuhn was at First Energy Stadium on Oct. 1, 2017, when the Browns were trounced, 31-7, against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was Cleveland’s worst margin of defeat during that dreadful 0-16 season.

A loyal and longtime fan, Kuhn had a space where he could talk about the woes of his favorite team. Following the loss, he went on his three sons’ podcast, “Sin of our Fathers,” and read Michael, Matthew and Mark a letter.

“To my sons, as your father I feel I owe you a profound apology,” Kuhn started. “I’m so sorry for the years of torment you’ve endured as fans of this team. I’m sorry for the dashed hopes as each season begins just like the last.

“I’m sorry for the heartbreak rendered by inconceivable endings and the persistent, late-season collapses. This latest embarrassment against the Bengals has forced me to acknowledge what can no longer be ignored. You’ve suffered at the hands of this team because I made you watch this team.”

Kuhn, 57, is the executive vice president of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, a multi-site construction and program management company. Kuhn lives in Franklin, Tennessee – about a 30-minute drive south of Nashville – with his wife, Dede. Kuhn’s three sons also live in Nashville, so that makes for easy family get-togethers when the Browns are on.

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