Recently, some people have asked me why I want to go into the sports journalism business.  What do I tell them?

The truth is, I am a huge sports fan.  From the day I could watch television, I have been infatuated with sports, most notably basketball.  I’ve always enjoyed watching a hard fought football game or a back and forth basketball game.  My love for sports is the foundation for why I am interested in sports journalism.

However, even though my love for sports is the basis of my interest, my love for writing solidified my desire to pursue a career in sports journalism.  I have always enjoyed writing–whether it be poetry, comedic skits, or sports–I’ve always enjoyed writing.

During the middle of my 7th grade year, I knew I wanted to become a sports journalist.  At the outset, I wanted to have a concentration on broadcasting.  However, as I progressed into high school, my writing began to grow.  This gave me confidence, as I knew I could have great success particularly in online, magazine, or print journalism.

As I progress through college, and try to break into the industry, this site will be used to showcase my articles for potential employers.  I will also have my contact information on the site.  Thanks, and welcome to my site.


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